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The Danube town of Vidin is the first major port of Bulgaria and it initiates the start of the Republican Road I-1 that leads to Greece through the border checkpoint of Kulata. The second bridge in Bulgaria over the Danube river is situated next to the town. This is the Vidin-Calafat Bridge. Vidin is a town with a long history. In ancient times it was established in the place of an ancient Celtic settlement. Later the Romans built a fortress town there, named Bononia. The Bulgarians called it Bdin. This is the old name of Vidin. At that time it was one of the main cities in Upper Moesia. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom Tsar Ivan Sratsimir separated the Vidin Despotate from the Tarnovo Kingdom and created the Vidin Kingdom, which was the last to fall under Ottoman rule. The biggest landmark and symbol of Vidin is the Baba Vida Fortress, which is located on the river banks and is surrounded by a moat. It is the only preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria and it is among the One hundred national tourist sites. It was founded during the Roman Empire to be the seat of a garrison with the tower that the fortress was built around. Later the local leaders further strengthened and enlarged it to use it as a feudal castle. The town fortress around the castle of Baba Vida includes stone walls and 13 gates, called kapii, most of which are preserved today. The most famous is Stambol Kapia which is a stone construction and was the main gate. The mausoleum of the first Bulgarian Exarch Antim I is located in the town, too, as well as the Vidin Cathedral of St. Demetrius, the Orthodox Church of St. Petka, the Vidin Synagogue and the Mosque-Museum of Osman Pazvantoglu. The Danube garden has a historic character and combines English and Baroque styles. There are the architectural monuments and other objects and places for entertainment and relaxation there. In Vidin there are also other parks: the garden above the moat, Vladikina Bahcha Park, Norah Chelebi Pizanti Park, where an annual fair is conducted, the Forest Park and Hunting Park. Some festivals and events are held in Vidin, such as the folklore festival "Dance along the Danube", the International Festival of Wallachian song and dance, Vida rally. Nearby there are the localities of Orlyaka and Bozhuritsa that are suitable for walking and relaxing near the town. There are conditions for swimming, boating and fishing, and sport hunting. Regardless of whether visiting the town for business or pleasure, the guests have a good choice of hotels in Vidin at their disposal. This includes classic sites and hotels, family hotels and guest houses, holiday apartments and motels. All of them are extremely diverse in regard to comforts and atmosphere. Besides boutique hotels in Vidin with a classic architecture and decor reminiscent of elegant town houses from the early 20th century, there are private rooms and houses with modern decor and amenities in the town.
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Hotel AvramovHotel Avramov 
Address: 63 Tsar Alexander II Street
Phone: +359 94 606680
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The three-star Hotel Avramov is a small family hotel which is distinguished for its excellent accommodation conditions and great cuisine. The newest hotel in Vidin offers exquisite comfort and perfect service. The excellent central location of Hotel Avramov allows its guests to reach every desired place in the city and its environs quickly and easily. The hotel also provides countless opportunities to take delight into the splendid views of the great river Danube.
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Krastata Kazarma Ethnographic Museum
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Regional Museum of History
Address: Hristo Botev, 13 Tsar Simeon Veliki Street
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St Pantaleon Church Complex
Address: Kaleto
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Vidin's Synagogue
Address: Georgi Benkovski
Approximate distance: 0.7 km, direction: east
Cathedral St Demetrius of Thessaloniki
Address: Stefan Stambolov
Approximate distance: 0.7 km, direction: south
Osman Pazvantoglu Mosque and Library
Address: Kaleto
Approximate distance: 0.8 km, direction: south-east
Baba Vida Fortress
Address: Georgi Benkovski
Approximate distance: 0.9 km, direction: east
Art Gellery Nikola Petrov
Address: Stefan Stambolov
Approximate distance: 0.9 km, direction: south
Drama Theater Vladimir Trendafilov
Address: Stefan Stambolov
Approximate distance: 1.0 km, direction: south
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