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Complex ArdaComplex Arda 
Address: near Dolno Cherkovishte Village
Phone: +359 884 101001
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Complex Arda near Studen Kladenets Reservoir is a perfect choice for everyone, who is looking for tranquility, comfort and closeness to nature. Located on the banks of the river Arda, this hotel near Studen Kladenets Reservoir offers excellent conditions for holidays and is suitable for individual tourists and families with children as well as for organized groups. Here every guest of Complex Arda will enjoy cosiness, comfort and warm hospitality coupled with uniquely beautiful nature.
Hotels near Studen Kladenets Reservoir
Hotel UstraHotel Ustra 
Location: Kardjali municipality, 6600 Kardjali
Address: 1 General Delov Street
Approximate distance: 11.0 km, direction: west
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Perpereska Reka VillasPerpereska Reka Villas 
Location: Kardjali municipality, 6680 Stremtsi
Approximate distance: 13.6 km, direction: north-west
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Hotel Complex MGHotel Complex MG 
Location: Momchilgrad municipality, 6800 Momchilgrad
Address: Momchil Yunak Forest Park
Approximate distance: 13.8 km, direction: south-west
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Places of interest and sights in and nearStuden Kladenets Reservoir
Protected Area Sredna Arda
Approximate distance: 1.1 km, direction: north-west
Thracian Fortress Hisara
Approximate distance: 1.8 km, direction: north
Thracian and Medieval Fortress Yumruk Kaya
Approximate distance: 2.4 km, direction: north-east
Protected Area Yumruk Skala
Approximate distance: 2.9 km, direction: north-east
Medieval Fortress Monyak and Rocky Necropolis
Approximate distance: 3.9 km, direction: west
Elmala Baba Teke
Approximate distance: 5.6 km, direction: south
Protected Area Habitat of Lathraearhodopaea
Approximate distance: 6.2 km, direction: north-east
Harman Kaya Sanctuary
Approximate distance: 6.6 km, direction: south
Medieval Church Complex
Address: Klise Bashi Locality
Approximate distance: 7.5 km, direction: north
The Stone Forest
Approximate distance: 7.8 km, direction: south
Asara Fortress
Approximate distance: 8.4 km, direction: south-east
Vishegrad Fortress
Approximate distance: 8.5 km, direction: west
Other locations nearStuden Kladenets Reservoir
Kardjali province, Kardjali municipality
Approximate distance: 2.3 km, direction: north-west (azimuth: 304°)
Shiroko Pole
Kardjali province, Kardjali municipality
Approximate distance: 3.5 km, direction: west (azimuth: 277°)
Kardjali province, Kardjali municipality
Approximate distance: 4.2 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 55°)
Kardjali province, Momchilgrad municipality
Approximate distance: 4.9 km, direction: south (azimuth: 183°)
Kardjali province, Kardjali municipality
Approximate distance: 5.2 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 243°)
Kardjali province, Kardjali municipality
Approximate distance: 5.3 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 44°)