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Rooms Petkov (former Hotel Drujba Radnevo)Rooms Petkov (former Hotel Drujba Radnevo) 
Address: 5 Tacho Daskalov Street
Phone: +359 889 099327
Website: http://petkopetkov24.com/obiava.html
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Rooms Petkov are modernly furnished rooms for rent on hotel basis located in the former Hotel Drujba in Radnevo. The building is renovated and is set on the right bank of the Blatnitsa river, very close to the town center. The rooms are fitted with everything needed for a comfortable stay and suitable for both tourists and business travellers to Radnevo. Within walking distance from the hotel are located a number of interesting places to visit such as the House-Museum of the Bulgarian poet Geo Milev, the St John of Rila church, the Museum of Archaeology, etc.
Hotels near Radnevo
Hotel Villa VerdeHotel Villa Verde 
Location: Galabovo municipality, 6280 Galabovo
Address: 50 Republika Street
Approximate distance: 17.4 km, direction: south
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Hotel TriumphHotel Triumph 
Location: Nova Zagora municipality, 8900 Nova Zagora
Address: 56 Vasil Levski Street
Approximate distance: 23.6 km, direction: north
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Places of interest and sights in and nearRadnevo
Museum of Archaeology
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.1 km, direction: south-east
House Museum Geo Milev
Approximate distance: 0.2 km, direction: north-east
Archaeological Park New Life for the Past
Approximate distance: 1.1 km, direction: north-east
St Ivan Rilski Monument
Approximate distance: 1.1 km, direction: north-east
Rozov Kladenets Reservoir
Approximate distance: 16.2 km, direction: south
Dyadovo Fortress and Settlement Mound
Approximate distance: 17.0 km, direction: north-east
Protective Wall Ekesiyata
Approximate distance: 19.6 km, direction: south
St Elijah Teke
Approximate distance: 22.0 km, direction: north-east
History Museum Karanova Mogila
Address: Center, 3 Svoboda Square
Approximate distance: 23.4 km, direction: north
The House of Crafts
Approximate distance: 23.7 km, direction: north
Karanovo Settlement Mound
Approximate distance: 25.0 km, direction: north
Dalgata Mound
Approximate distance: 25.8 km, direction: north
Other locations nearRadnevo
Sliven province, Nova Zagora municipality
Approximate distance: 17.3 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 24°)
Stara Zagora province, Galabovo municipality
Approximate distance: 17.6 km, direction: south (azimuth: 198°)
Sliven province, Nova Zagora municipality
Approximate distance: 20.4 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 58°)
Stara Zagora province, Opan municipality
Approximate distance: 22.0 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 247°)
Sliven province, Nova Zagora municipality
Approximate distance: 23.2 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 39°)
Ovchi Kladenets
Yambol province, Tundja municipality
Approximate distance: 23.5 km, direction: east (azimuth: 102°)