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Hotel ElitHotel Elit 
Address: 23 St St Cyril and Methodius Street
Phone: +359 76 609080, +359 889 646499
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Hotel Elit offers classic elegance and modern facilities coupled with convenient location in the city and professional service, which makes it one of the preferred hotels in Pernik. It is open year-round and is suitable for both business visitors of the city and tourists. The various services and amenities of the hotel will definitely satisfy even the most discerning of clients and provide everything one might need for hosting successful business events and for complete rest and relaxation.
Hotels near Pernik
Pilgrim Bulev's HousePilgrim Bulev's House 
Location: Kovachevtsi municipality, 2450 Kovachevtsi
Approximate distance: 18.5 km, direction: west
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Hotel Restaurant FantasiaHotel Restaurant Fantasia 
Location: Stolichna municipality, 1632 Sofia
Address: Ovcha Kupel 2, 92 President Lincoln Street
Approximate distance: 18.9 km, direction: north-east
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Earth and People Hotel & SPAEarth and People Hotel & SPA 
Location: Stolichna municipality, 1680 Sofia
Address: Manastirski livadi, 27 Okolovrasten Pat Street
Approximate distance: 21.4 km, direction: east
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Aparthotel AnastasiaAparthotel Anastasia 
Location: Stolichna municipality, 1404 Sofia
Address: Motopista, Bulgaria Blvd. and Slavovitsa Street, bl. 51E
Approximate distance: 22.2 km, direction: east
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Hotel GenevaHotel Geneva 
Location: Stolichna municipality, 1612 Sofia
Address: Lagera, 9 Balkandzhi Yovo Street
Approximate distance: 22.5 km, direction: east
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Hotel RomanticHotel Romantic 
Location: Stolichna municipality, 1415 Sofia
Address: Dragalevtsi, 9 General Kovachev Street
Approximate distance: 22.7 km, direction: east
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Places of interest and sights in and nearPernik
St Ivan of Rila Church
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.2 km, direction: south-west
Museum of History
Approximate distance: 0.3 km, direction: south-west
Drama Theater and Palace of Culture
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.5 km, direction: south-west
Archaeological Reserve and Fortress Krakra
Address: Kristal
Approximate distance: 2.2 km, direction: south-west
Pernik Monastery of St Pantaleon
Approximate distance: 3.2 km, direction: south
Bela Voda Monastery St George
Address: Bela Voda
Approximate distance: 3.4 km, direction: south-west
Ranchovo Gradishte Fortress
Approximate distance: 4.4 km, direction: south
Ostritsa Reserve
Approximate distance: 5.8 km, direction: south
Radomir Monastery of Ascension of Jesus
Approximate distance: 6.1 km, direction: south-west
Thracian Sanctuary Asclepius and Hygieia
Address: Tsarkva
Approximate distance: 6.6 km, direction: east
Ancient Villa Rustica
Approximate distance: 7.4 km, direction: south-east
Buchaloto Waterfall
Approximate distance: 8.4 km, direction: south-west
Other locations nearPernik
Pernik province, Pernik municipality
Approximate distance: 5.5 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 23°)
Pernik province, Pernik municipality
Approximate distance: 6.5 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 51°)
Kralev Dol
Pernik province, Pernik municipality
Approximate distance: 7.3 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 136°)
Pernik province, Radomir municipality
Approximate distance: 9.3 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 218°)
Pernik province, Pernik municipality
Approximate distance: 10.7 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 136°)
Pernik province, Pernik municipality
Approximate distance: 11.3 km, direction: east (azimuth: 106°)