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Oreshak is a small village in the Troyan Balkan, located 6 km from the centre of Troyan and 30 km from Lovech. The Cherni Osam River flows along the village. In Ottoman records from 1631, the village was mentioned by the Turkish name of Kuzluk and the current name of Oreshak was taken from the site on which it originated. It is one of the most famous resorts in Bulgaria because one of the three stauropegial monasteries in Bulgaria is situated here - The Troyan Monastery of The Assumption, founded in 1600. The monastery is the third-largest in Bulgaria and the miraculous icon of the Theotokos Threehanded (Troeruchitsa) is displayed here. It is exported from the temple every year on August 15. The high stone walls around the buildings with large balconies and yard make it glorious, like a medieval castle and the monastery church of the Assumption of the Theotokos, built in 1835, is a real masterpiece with its architecture, carvings and paintings of Zachary Zograf. The Apostle of Liberty Vasil Levski used to find refuge in the monastery and the tomb of Patriarch Maxim, who was born in 1914 in Oreshak, is located in the church. Another interesting landmark in Oreshak is the National Exhibition of Crafts and Arts, where artists from across the country show their works. The exhibition was created in the 18th century as an organized craft fair, gradually it expanded and now there are nine exhibition halls and it is the only one in the country. This is a place where artists from all over the country come together, and in 1967 they united in the Association of Masters in Arts and Crafts, which is the oldest acting craft union in Bulgaria. Visitors to the exhibition may not only examine the exhibits, but also participate in the making of many objects. Annually fairs and exhibitions are organised here with the participation of Bulgarian and foreign artists, as well as other events. Oreshak is a popular and attractive place for rural and ecotourism in the cool forests and surrounding area there are many places for hiking, walking; herbalists may find very rare and healing herbs and the Cherni Osam River is suitable for fishing. The feast of plum and plum rakia is attractive to the village visitors since the tradition of distillation of the most famous drink here - Troyan rakia, was born in the Troyan Monastery. Guests witness demonstrations of boiling rakia, preparation of marmalade and Trojan saves. Like every well-developed tourist centre, the village offers excellent accommodation sites. The variety of hotels in Oreshak is huge and will surely satisfy every taste and budget. There are cosy and family hotels and guest houses in Revival style and attractive boutique hotels in Oreshak.
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Hotel Tavern StrannopriemnitsaHotel Tavern Strannopriemnitsa 
Address: 207 Stara Planina Street
Phone: +359 6952 2109, +359 887 927035
Website: http://www.strannopriemnitsa-oreshak.com
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Hotel Tavern Strannopriemnitsa is a cosy and comfortable hotel in Oreshak, located within walking distance from the Troyan Monastery Assumption of Mary. The hotel is open year-round and offers a lovely combination of old-times charm and cosiness and modern facilities. This family hotel in Oreshak is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to visit Troyan and the Troyan Monastery, and is looking for peacefulness, warm hospitality, comfort, attractive rates for accommodation and good cuisine.
Guest House Pri OrehiteGuest House Pri Orehite 
Address: 14 Ambaritsa Street
Phone: +359 886 829449
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Guest House Pri Orehite is a cosy and welcoming guest house in Oreshak, located some 300 meters from the Troyan Monastery. The house accepts guests throughout the whole year and is a lovely choice for everyone who wants to visit the Troyan Monastery, the town of Troyan and enjoy the unique natural of the Troyan Balkan. This cosy guest house in Oreshak offers modern facilities, peacefulness and quietness, which will guarantee complete rest and relaxation close to unspoilt nature.
Places of interest and sights in and nearOreshak
Troyan Monastery Dormition of the Theotokos
Approximate distance: 1.0 km, direction: south-east
National Exhibition of Arts and Crafts
Approximate distance: 2.2 km, direction: south-east
Museum of Natural Science
Approximate distance: 4.2 km, direction: south
Museum of the Folk Crafts and Applied Arts
Address: Center, 1 Vazrajdane Square
Approximate distance: 4.6 km, direction: west
Seryakova House Art Gallery
Approximate distance: 4.8 km, direction: west
St Archangel Michael Church
Approximate distance: 8.2 km, direction: east
St George Church
Address: Novo selo
Approximate distance: 13.3 km, direction: east
Holy Trinity Monastery for Girls
Address: Novo selo
Approximate distance: 13.4 km, direction: east
St Petka Paraskeva Church
Address: Novo selo
Approximate distance: 13.4 km, direction: east
Roman Fortress Sostra
Approximate distance: 13.6 km, direction: north-west
Suvcharsko Praskalo Waterfall
Approximate distance: 19.7 km, direction: south-west
Severen Djendem Reserve
Approximate distance: 20.4 km, direction: south-east
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