Hotels in Dospat, guest houses, villas. Fishing and ecotourism in the area of the Dospat Dam.

Dospat is a picturesque town nestled in one of the most attractive places in the Western Rhodopes. It is situated about 80 km from Smolyan and 190 km from Sofia. The town is best known for the fact that the second largest dam in Bulgaria is next to it - the Dospat Dam. This is the most highly situated dam in the country, located at 1200 m above sea level. Having centuries-old pine forests, high altitude and mild climate, the area around Dospat is unique and appealing to fans of rural and mountain tourism, as well as for anyone who wants to get away from the everyday stress and indulge in complete relaxation having a close contact with the unspoiled and charming scenery of the Rhodope Mountains. Considering the wonderful natural wealth, the territory of Dospat has been inhabited since ancient times by the Thracian tribes of Satrae. This is evidenced by the Thracian mounds near the town that are preserved until this day. It is believed that an ancient road to Plovdiv and Smolyan passed through here. Interesting historical monuments are the Barutinskiya Acropolis, Vimskite Bridges, Dikchan Peak, etc. But undoubtedly the Dospat Dam is the most impressive in the region with its extremely beautiful nature, surrounded by forest of pine and spruce. There are houses and hotels on the banks and a rising scent of resin. A lot of opportunities for recreation and tourism are provided to lovers of romantic places. The dam is a suitable basis for sport fishing because it is rich in fish. Here are bred carp, perch, bleak, chub, rudd and trout. The banks provide the possibility of camping in tents and bungalows. The area of Dospat is suitable for hiking, horseback riding, cycling, biathlon, water sports, picking wild herbs and berries, and so on. Hunting is well developed, too. In Dospat itself there are numerous parks, gardens and recreation for the whole family. The town is famous for its good culinary masters specializing in Rhodope cuisine. The craftsmen of fountains are well known, too. This is Dospat traditional craft that is celebrated every autumn at the town fair. And from centuries on the craftsmen have put their unique skill into 180 fountains. Dospat hotels are diverse in terms of location, service and comforts. Those seeking romance or convenience (if keen fishermen) would certainly prefer a hotel near the Dospat Dam, revealing beautiful views. In general, there are no large complexes in the town which has preserved its charm and authentic look. The family hotels in Dospat are the most common, as well as the guest houses and holiday villas that are preferred by large families and friends looking for coziness and comfort combined with complete privacy.
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Family Hotel GraffitiFamily Hotel Graffiti 
Address: 7 Panorama Street
Phone: +359 895 413548, +359 882 211250
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Family Hotel Graffiti is a cosy guest house in Dospat, located close to a picturesque pine-tree forest with a splendid view of the Dospat reservoir. The house accepts guests throughout the whole year and is an excellent choice for everyone, who's looking for peacefulness, cosiness, modern facilities and quality service at exceptionally attractive rates for accommodation. This family guest house in Dospat offers very good conditions for an enjoyable holiday, fishing tours and active tourism in the Rhodope mountain.
Hotels near Dospat
Guest House MilkaGuest House Milka 
Location: Borino municipality, 4835 Yagodina
Address: Kamenik Street
Approximate distance: 15.9 km, direction: east
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Horlog Castle Guest HouseHorlog Castle Guest House 
Location: Devin municipality, 4825 Trigrad
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Rodopi Guest HouseRodopi Guest House 
Location: Devin municipality, 4800 Devin
Address: 4 Ruen Street
Approximate distance: 22.9 km, direction: north-east
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Places of interest and sights in and nearDospat
Slancheva Polyana Reserve
Approximate distance: 11.2 km, direction: north
Kaval Tepe Protected Area
Approximate distance: 13.2 km, direction: north
Yagodinska Cave
Approximate distance: 14.3 km, direction: east
Buynovo Gorge
Approximate distance: 14.8 km, direction: east
Kemerov Bridge
Approximate distance: 16.1 km, direction: north-east
Kavursko Kale (Sayata or Babin Grad)
Approximate distance: 19.5 km, direction: north-east
Eco trail Struilitsa - Lakata
Approximate distance: 19.8 km, direction: north-east
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Smolyan province, Dospat municipality
Approximate distance: 5.1 km, direction: south (azimuth: 160°)
Smolyan province, Borino municipality
Approximate distance: 11.9 km, direction: east (azimuth: 68°)
Shiroka Polyana Reservoir
Pazardjik province, Batak municipality
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Pazardjik province, Velingrad municipality
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Smolyan province, Borino municipality
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Smolyan province, Devin municipality
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