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Dobrich is an ancient settlement and modern city in Southern Dobrudzha, located 30 km from the Black Sea and 51 km from Varna. The archaeological discoveries, made in the region, indicate the presence of an ancient settlement, and in the Middle Ages an unprotected Old Bulgarian village was located here. The old name of Dobrich is Hadzhioglu Pazardzhik and the city was founded in the 16th century by a wealthy merchant named Hadzhioglu. In 1882, at the request of the citizens it was renamed after the name of the Bulgarian ruler Dobrotitsa who ruled Dobrudzha Despotism in the 14th century. Dobrich is the birthplace of the 'master of the short story' and one of the classics of the Bulgarian literature - Yordan Yovkov. His native house is a part of the exposition of the History Museum where there are 163,000 exhibits, divided into sections of Archaeology, Urban and Rural Life 19-20 century, icons, the house museum of Adriana Budevska and so on. The traditional Dobrudzha crafts, customs and culture are presented in the open architectural and ethnographic museum of Old Dobrich. There is a café and boza shop on its territory, too. The guests are introduced to the production process in the different workshops and craft shops. The church of St. George, built in 1843, may be seen in the city as well. It is interesting because of its very rich and complicatedly decorated iconostasis and icons from the Debar painter Kozma Blazhetov. In Dobrich there is a Centre for Conservation of Nature and animals that is unique not only for Bulgaria. It covers 160 decares. There are over 100 animals of 30 species there with convenient vehicular and pedestrian areas. Here the animals are kept in their own area, being as close to their natural environment as possible and the visitors have a direct access to most of them. There is a Green School operating in the Centre and young scouts organize bivouacs. The St. George Park is the pride of Dobrich citizens and it is a favourite place for recreation. It was established in 1867. Over the years the park has developed and today there are lakes, gardens, waterfalls, caves, sports complex, a stadium, training grounds, a swimming complex, a summer theatre, rosary with 39 varieties of roses and a reconstructed playground for the children, called Darven Grad. The park is declared a cultural monument and garden park art. The city is a perfect destination for tourism and business all year round and the guests may choose from a number of first class hotels in Dobrich, offering excellent conditions for accommodation, business, recreation, sports and entertainment. There are also cosy guest houses and family hotels in Dobrich, offering affordable lodging.
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Hotel DobrudjaHotel Dobrudja 
Address: 2 Nezavisimost Street
Phone: +359 58 601351
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Hotel Dobrudja is on the most renowned hotels in Dobrich. Its central location in the town make is it an exceptionally preferred hotel both by the visitors of Dobrich and the business travellers. Right next to Hotel Dobrudja are situated the most important administrative, shopping, financial and cultural zones of the town. In the hotel everyone will find unsurpassed comfort, unique atmosphere, excellent service. With its various services and facilities it will be true to say that Hotel Dobrudja is a jewel in the heart of Dobrich.
Villa di Poletta Hotel & RestaurantVilla di Poletta Hotel & Restaurant 
Address: 1 Hristo Botev Street
Phone: +359 588 49000, +359 895 989939
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Villa di Poletta is a small family-run hotel, which has gathered the enormous experience of four generations with good traditions in hospitality. It is the epitome of timeless elegance and comfort, sophisticated cuisine and precise attendance. Villa di Poletta Hotel & Restaurant is situated in the center of Dobrich. For every real connoisseur of impeccable taste, this is the preferred placed to stay in town as well as the perfect setting for hosting a stylish cocktail, wedding reception and other celebrations.
Park Hotel IzidaPark Hotel Izida 
Address: St. George Town Park
Phone: +359 58 600656, +359 886 808093
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Park Hotel Izida is a sophisticated three-star hotel in Dobrich with unique location in the town park only 600 meters from the very heart of the town. The hotel offers its guests the unbeatable opportunity to enjoy fresh air, peacefulness, quietness and natural beauty in the ideal center of Dobrich. Park Hotel Izida provides first-class facilities for recreation, rest, sport, entertainment and business, which coupled with the professional service at the hotel guarantee a truly unforgettable stay.
Hotels near Dobrich
Chiflika ChukurovoChiflika Chukurovo 
Location: Dobrich municipality, 9352 Prilep
Approximate distance: 19.8 km, direction: south
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Places of interest and sights in and nearDobrich
Ethnographic Complex The Old Dobrich
Address: Center, 18 Konstantin Stoilov Street
Approximate distance: 0.2 km, direction: north
Art Gallery
Address: Center, 14 Bulgaria Street
Approximate distance: 0.3 km, direction: south-west
Drama Theater Yordan Yovkov
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south-west
Ethnographic House
Address: Center, 5 Alen Mak Street
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south-east
St George Church
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south-east
New and Newest History Museum
Address: Center, Treti Mart Blvd.
Approximate distance: 0.6 km, direction: south
Yordan Yorkovkov House Monument
Address: Center, 4 General Gurko Street
Approximate distance: 0.6 km, direction: south-east
Holy Trinity Church
Address: Center, Khan Krum Street
Approximate distance: 0.7 km, direction: west
House Museum Adriana Budevska
Address: Center, 56 Vasil Levski Street
Approximate distance: 0.8 km, direction: west
Monument of the Unknown Soldier
Address: St George Park
Approximate distance: 0.9 km, direction: south
St George Park
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 1.0 km, direction: south
Monument of Despot Dobrotitsa
Address: Hristo Botev, 2-4 General Popov Street
Approximate distance: 1.1 km, direction: east
Monument of Khan Asparuh
Approximate distance: 1.2 km, direction: south
Protection Center for Animals and Nature
Address: Drujba 4
Approximate distance: 1.8 km, direction: south-east
Military Graveyard Memorial Complex
Address: Industrial Zone North, 53 25 Septemvri Blvd.
Approximate distance: 1.8 km, direction: north
Botevo Monastery St Marina
Approximate distance: 17.1 km, direction: south
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