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Devin is a SPA resort located in the Western Rhodopes. It is crossed by the Devin river, which flows into the Vacha river. In the past, this part of the mountain was inhabited by the Thracian tribe of Dii. The earliest traces of life were found in the area of Potreba, where a Thracian settlement and sanctuary were discovered. The ruins of an ancient Bulgarian fortress may be seen in the Kaleto Area, and in the area of Lakata some remains of a medieval village may also be visited. Both sites have the status of monuments. Devin and the area are rich in karst springs, rivers, and hot springs. Due to this, SPA tourism and SPA treatment develop actively here and the Devin mineral water is one of the most popular in Bulgaria. The most famous deposits are the ones at the Beden village, the Nastan residential district of Devin and Mihalkovo. The Devin region is uniquely beautiful with unspoilt nature and it is often compared to a fairy tale in the heart of the mountains. It is surrounded by magnificent pine and spruce forests, and the clean air, beautiful scenery and peace and quiet are unique. The protected area along the valley of the Devin river is attractive for fans of ecotourism and trekking. It forms a picturesque gorge with impressive rock formations. There are habitats of rare and endangered plant and animal species here, such as the Haberlea rhodopensis and the chamois. The specially developed eco-trail of Struilitsa-Kaleto-Lakata facilitates the access to the site and reveals its charms. There is a separate zone in the area for fishing and there are conditions for catching trout. In the area of Struilitsa there are outdoor swimming pools that attract tourists during the summer season. There are located the terraced waterfalls of Struilski Dol. The localities of Lisichevo and Chural are 15 km from Devin. They are favorite places for relaxation. Overall, Devin is a wonderful destination for tourism in any season. The pristine and wonderfully beautiful scenery attracts fans of eco-tourism, horseback riding, off-road and photo safaris. The small villages around the town are suitable for rural tourism and the healing mineral springs are the greatest wealth of Devin. There are numerous guest houses and private rooms in the town rented by guests who are looking for budget accommodation. Of course, the luxury SPA hotels in Devin are also available to tourists. They offer excellent SPA holidays, treatments and rehabilitation.
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Hotel Cholakov i SinHotel Cholakov i Sin 
Address: 4A Katia Vancheva Street
Phone: +359 887 970668
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The three-star Hotel Cholakov i Sin is located in the center of Devin - a town with bountiful natural riches and landmarks, which combines diverse landscape with a mild climate and plenty of mineral water springs. This lovely town is very good vacation destination for those travelers who want to rest in quiet and peaceful surroundings. Hotel Cholakov i Sin is situated on a tranquil street behind the cultural center of Devin in close proximity to Spa Hotel Persenk.
Hotel Ribarskata HijaHotel Ribarskata Hija 
Phone: +359 2 9713740, +359 2 8700033
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Hotel Ribarskata Hija is a real paradise for every connoisseur of the beautiful nature of the Rhodope mountain and keen fishermen. The three-star hotel is situated 10 km from Devin near the road towards Pamporovo and close to the village of Beden. Every guest of Hotel Ribarskata Hija will enjoy modern day facilities, splendid views of the Rhodope, excellent cuisine and various opportunities for active sports and recreation as well as a memorable holiday in Devin at any time of the year.
Rodopi Guest HouseRodopi Guest House 
Address: 4 Ruen Street
Phone: +359 895 723191, +359 895 726694, +359 3041 3655
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Rodopi Guest House in Devin offers tranquility and home-like cosiness at affordable rates for accommodation. It is located in a quiet area in the center of the town, on one of the banks of the Devinska river and is open year-round. The house is suitable for everyone, who is looking for modern amenities and a real home-away-from-home during one's stay in Devin. At the same time its convenient location in the town makes it a convenient starting point for visiting the numerous mineral water pool and attractions nearby.
Hotels near Devin
Guest House MilkaGuest House Milka 
Location: Borino municipality, 4835 Yagodina
Address: Kamenik Street
Approximate distance: 12.5 km, direction: south
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Horlog Castle Guest HouseHorlog Castle Guest House 
Location: Devin municipality, 4825 Trigrad
Approximate distance: 14.8 km, direction: south
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Guest House ZoraGuest House Zora 
Location: Devin municipality, 4825 Trigrad
Approximate distance: 16.0 km, direction: south
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Hotel GelaHotel Gela 
Location: Smolyan municipality, 4710 Gela
Approximate distance: 18.0 km, direction: south-east
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Family Hotel KrisFamily Hotel Kris 
Location: Smolyan municipality, Stoykite
Approximate distance: 21.9 km, direction: south-east
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Family Hotel GraffitiFamily Hotel Graffiti 
Location: Dospat municipality, 4831 Dospat
Address: 7 Panorama Street
Approximate distance: 22.2 km, direction: south-west
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Places of interest and sights in and nearDevin
Eco trail Struilitsa - Lakata
Approximate distance: 3.8 km, direction: west
Kavursko Kale (Sayata or Babin Grad)
Approximate distance: 4.4 km, direction: west
Kemerov Bridge
Approximate distance: 8.4 km, direction: west
Buynovo Gorge
Approximate distance: 12.2 km, direction: south-west
Yagodinska Cave
Approximate distance: 13.9 km, direction: south-west
Trigrad Gorge
Approximate distance: 14.0 km, direction: south
Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave
Approximate distance: 14.3 km, direction: south
Architectural and Historic Reserve Shiroka Laka
Approximate distance: 16.6 km, direction: south-east
Wonder Bridges
Approximate distance: 17.8 km, direction: north-east
Kaval Tepe Protected Area
Approximate distance: 18.5 km, direction: west
Slancheva Polyana Reserve
Approximate distance: 20.3 km, direction: west
Ravnogor Thracian Mounds
Approximate distance: 20.5 km, direction: north
Other locations nearDevin
Smolyan province, Devin municipality
Approximate distance: 5.0 km, direction: south (azimuth: 200°)
Smolyan province, Devin municipality
Approximate distance: 6.5 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 115°)
Smolyan province, Devin municipality
Approximate distance: 8.6 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 208°)
Smolyan province, Borino municipality
Approximate distance: 11.1 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 235°)
Smolyan province, Devin municipality
Approximate distance: 11.9 km, direction: north (azimuth: 11°)
Smolyan province, Borino municipality
Approximate distance: 12.6 km, direction: south (azimuth: 199°)