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Blagoevgrad is the largest city in Southwestern Bulgaria and it is a regional centre. It has a key location along the valley of the Struma river between the mountains of Rila and Vlahina, so the Pan-European Transport Corridor 4 passes through it, a part of which is the European route E79, leading to Greece and Macedonia. The territory of Blagoevgrad has been inhabited since antiquity, as evidenced by the many remains of fortresses, settlements and tombs found here. In the 3rd century there was a Thracian settlement called Skaptopara at the place of Blagoevgrad. It existed until the 6th century and during the reign of Khan Krum the site was included within the boundaries of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. By the 16th century the settlement was a small village with a market, called Dzhuma Bazaars, and later Upper Dzhumaya. A whole quarter is preserved in Blagoevgrad from the time of the Revival, called Varosha. Here some beautifully restored houses may be seen, such as the Dinev House, Moshtanskata House, Unchevata House, Izmirliev House and the house of Georgi Stoilov, declared architectural monuments of culture. The small cobbled streets of Varosha, the picturesque courtyards and whitewashed houses create a truly unique atmosphere and this is one of the city's business cards. A central place in Varosha is taken by the Blessed Virgin Church which is a national monument and one of the most interesting compositions there is the "Circle of Life". The Historical Museum may be visited in Blagoevgrad, too. It exhibits paintings of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev in its art department. The clean air is typical for the city, which is thanks to the many mountain forests around and the lack of industrial pollutants, as well as the healing mineral waters. It is considered one of the cities with the largest number of sunny days a year. Blagoevgrad is attractive for cultural and ecological tourism, summer and winter recreation. The spa tourism and ski tourism are developed and the proximity of the oldest Bulgarian reserve - Parangalitza - is a prerequisite for developing ecotourism. Blagoevgrad is the main starting point for hiking in the Rila Mountain. Because of the central location of the city, not only tourists stay there, but also people traveling on business and making transits through it towards Greece and Sofia. For this reason the hotels in Blagoevgrad are many and various. Family hotels are a good choice for everyone looking for modern facilities and affordable accommodation. Those who wish to fully enjoy the charm of the city may stay in one of the picturesque guest houses in Varosha. The business guests may choose between a number of classic hotels in Blagoevgrad, as the spa hotels and apartment hotels in the city are no longer rare to find.
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Hotel CardinalHotel Cardinal 
Address: 5 James Boucher Street
Phone: +359 73 886676, +359 887 663613
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With its central location in Blagoevgrad Hotel Cardinal is extremely suitable for exploring the town and its vicinity. The hotel offers all the comforts a business or leisure traveler might need. It has a flexible pricing policy depending on the season and current room availability. Hotel Cardinal has a pleasant restaurant which is a perfect place to spend a few hours with friends, enjoy the local and international cuisine, to dance and have fun.
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Regional Museum of History
Address: Varosha, 1 Rila Street
Approximate distance: 0.6 km, direction: east
Bulgarian Revival Complex Varosha
Address: Varosha
Approximate distance: 0.7 km, direction: east
Blagoevgrad Zoo
Address: Wide Center, Panayot Hitov Street
Approximate distance: 1.0 km, direction: south-east
Aquapark Blagoevgrad
Approximate distance: 1.3 km, direction: north-east
Stob Rock Pyramids
Address: near Stob village
Approximate distance: 7.9 km, direction: north
St Nicholas Church
Approximate distance: 12.2 km, direction: north
Orlitsa Convent
Approximate distance: 13.3 km, direction: north-east
St Archangel Michael Church
Approximate distance: 13.3 km, direction: north-east
Mother of God Church
Approximate distance: 14.4 km, direction: south
St Elijah Late Medieival Church
Approximate distance: 16.5 km, direction: north-west
St Theotokos Church
Approximate distance: 16.6 km, direction: north-west
St Athanasius Late Medieval Church
Approximate distance: 16.7 km, direction: north-west
Medieval Church St Theodore
Approximate distance: 17.9 km, direction: north-west
Boboshevo Monastery St Demetrius
Approximate distance: 18.3 km, direction: north-west
Troskovo Monastery St Archangel Michael
Approximate distance: 19.7 km, direction: south-west
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Blagoevgrad province, Blagoevgrad municipality
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