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Asparuhovo is located on the shore of the Tsonevo Dam, which is the northern end of the Aytos Pass, in the picturesque gorge of the Luda Kamchia river. This part of the mountain was once known as Chenge Mountains. The old road from Ovech to Anhialo passed through here. Archeological data suggests that Asparuhovo emerged as a settlement in the 8-9th century when it was called Ovchaga, after the name of the fortress of the village leader Ivaylo. Later, according to the legends, the troops of Ali Pasha went through the pass and there was a very ferocious battle with heavy casualties in the area of Oryahovo. The area started to be called "dzhaneri" - a place of dead souls and the village - Chenge which literally means "battle". During the Ottoman rule, the villagers guarded the passage of Lukodamchia and thus they were exempt from taxes. The village got the name Asparuhovo in 1934 after the famous archaeologist Karel Shkorpil noted that the villagers seemed like descendants of khan Asparuh. In 1970, much of the village was flooded by the waters of the Tsonevo Dam and remained in its bottom, and people moved their houses at higher places. The Stone Church from 1857 and the old church school were moved stone by stone from thier previous locations and together with the preserved restored authentic Kamchia houses they form a small architectural and ethnographic complex that is one of the biggest attractions in Asparuhovo. The surrounding area is rich in finds from the Thracians, Romans and Byzantines times. An early Bulgarian village was discovered at the upper end of the village. One may see the ancient shafts with an embankment and a ditch defending the capitals of Pliska and Preslav from the Byzantine Empire. The one called Pryagryadata is located in the east, between the rivers of Eleshnitsa and Kozya Reka, and the other – Germeto - in the south along the Krivitsa River. There are three forts around the village - the Grada, Krastota and Manastirskoto Hale which were intended to protect the population during the riots. The nearby places of the Chudnite Skali on the shore of the Tsonevo Dam, Velcha, Lepino Buche, Razkrachenitsa and Groloma are attractive to tourists. The dam offers perfect conditions for fishing and water sports and there are separated climbing routes in the area of the Chudnite Skali Rocks that tempt every connoisseur of extreme experiences. For those who want to enjoy a holiday in the area may choose from several hotels in Asparuhovo as well as from family hotels, guest houses and complexes with bungalows on the banks of the Tsonevo Dam.
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Guest House PanoramaGuest House Panorama 
Address: Tsonevo Dam
Phone: +359 896 642466, +359 896 642474
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Guest House Panorama in Asparuhovo is an excellent choice for a holiday in peace and quiet for everyone keen on fishing and beautiful nature. Located on the banks of the Tsonevo Dan, the house offers lovely views of the dam and is a convenient home base for active tourism in Asparuhovo and the vicinity. Guest House Panorama works throughout the whole year and has all the necessary conveniences as to guarantee and enjoyable stay and complete rest and relaxation to every guest.
Hotels near Asparuhovo
Complex ChiflikaComplex Chiflika 
Location: Aytos municipality, 8500 Aytos
Address: Ortata Locality
Approximate distance: 28.7 km, direction: south
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Places of interest and sights in and nearAsparuhovo
Ovchaga Fortress
Approximate distance: 2.4 km, direction: south-east
Krastota Fortress
Address: Tsonevo Reservoir
Approximate distance: 2.4 km, direction: east
The Wonderful Rocks
Approximate distance: 2.7 km, direction: south-west
Manastirsko Kale Fortress (Gradishte Manastir)
Approximate distance: 3.5 km, direction: west
Museum of History
Approximate distance: 8.2 km, direction: north
Arkunes Fortress and Tulumova Cave
Approximate distance: 10.1 km, direction: north-west
Muhaliysko Kale Fortress
Approximate distance: 13.5 km, direction: north
Rock Monastery and Thracian Sanctuary
Address: Djeneviz Kanara Locality
Approximate distance: 13.6 km, direction: north
Fortress and Rock Monastery Kanarata
Address: Kanarata Locality
Approximate distance: 16.5 km, direction: north-east
Other locations nearAsparuhovo
Tsonevo Reservoir
Varna province, Dalgopol municipality
Approximate distance: 7.6 km, direction: east (azimuth: 92°)
Varna province, Dalgopol municipality
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Sladka Voda
Varna province, Dalgopol municipality
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