Complex Voevodsky

Complex Voevodsky


Sliven province, Kotel municipality, 8991 Katunishte
+359 45 822082, +359 884 307770
Complex Voevodsky

Complex Voevodski recreates the romantic ambiance and cosiness of the traditional Bulgarian revival house, tucked in the foothills of the Balkan mountain range. It is located in the picturesque village of Katunishte, only 8 km from Jeravna and 15 km from Kotel. Nature here is abundant and beautiful, while history has left its mark on the tens of historic houses similar to those in Jeravna and Kotel. The hotel itself is open year-round and provides excellent conditions for holidays in cosy and comfortable atmosphere, which combines old-world charm and modern amenities.

Complex Voevodski in Katunishte is built in the traditional for the area of Jeravna and Kotel Revival style. It consists of several buildings set amidst a spacious flower garden. For maximum security the whole hotel is surrounded by a high stone wall. It is suitable for year-round holidays for everyone who is looking for home-like cosiness, peacefulness, fresh air and beautiful nature, coupled with various opportunities for active holidays and visiting interesting attractions.

In one of the buildings of Complex Voevodski is located the stylish and cosy restaurant of the hotel, which impresses with its wood-carved ceilings, wall murals and warm ambiance. When the weather is agreeable, the guests may enjoy their delicious meals in the summer garden of the restaurant, which has enough seating in a covered area and a summer terrace, close to the large furnace for barbecue and cheverme. The setting is ideal for gatherings with friends and family celebrations in informal and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant's menu includes various dishes from the Bulgarian and European cuisine, including meat and fish specialties.

The accommodation options in Complex Voevodski in Katunishte include 20 double and triple rooms as well as apartments for four. They impress with their pleasant ambiance achieved through the warm colors of the natural wood used in the furnishing and hardwood floors. The interior décor has achieved a good balance between modern comfort and sense of antiquity, which are complemented by the beautiful views of the village or the mountain.
Guest Rooms
Complex Voevodski accommodates its guests in beautifully appointed 18 double and triple rooms, each of which features the following amenities: LCD TV set with digital television, Wi-Fi internet, en-suite bathroom with shower, heating. In some rooms are provided air conditioners as well. The quoted rates are per two guests in a room per night and include accommodation only.
The guests of this hotel near Kotel and Jeravna may also choose from two apartments, each of which consists of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room with a set of sofas, which are suitable for accommodating 2+2 guests. Their amenities include an LCD TV set with digital television in every room, Wi-Fi internet, mini bar, en-suite bathroom with shower, heating. The quoted rates are per apartment per night and include accommodation only.
Katunishte is small but picturesque village on the souther slopes of Stara Planina. It is located very close to Kotel and Jeravna, and similar to the nearby village of Medven, it has preserved priceless monuments of 19th century Bulgarian Revival architecture. The local church dedicated to the Holy Trinity also dates back to this period. All houses in Katunishte are built in the traditional style of the Kamchia Revival houses - on two floors, with wide-brimmed eaves and walls from stone and wood. One of those houses, which exists today, is the birthplace of Kara Tanas, who fought for liberty. His story belongs more to the legends as the true facts lie buried in the deepest labyrinths of history. It is not by chance that Katunishte is listed as a national architectural reserve. Fans of active tourism will discover that the area offers splendid opportunities for picnics, walks, fishing and cycling. Coupled with wine and grape brandy tasting as well as with visiting local and nearby attractions in Jeravna, Medven and Kotel, they guarantee a truly memorable holiday at any time of the year in this fairy-tale-like corner in the Balkan.
Complex Voevodski is located in the very center of the village of Katunishte, 8 km from Jeravna and 15 km from Kotel.
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 summer garden/park
Room types, number of rooms, rates
room type number rates
 Guest Rooms 18 50.00 lv.
 Apartment 2 100.00 lv.
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 Wire transfer
 VISA Electron
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