Hotel Mechta

Hotel Mechta


Sliven province, Sliven municipality, 8800 Sliven, 111 Panayot Hitov Blvd.
+359 44 680850
Hotel Mechta

Hotel Mechta is situated in a lovely building with modern facade, part of the Mechta Complex, which also boasts a nice bistrot and a petrol station. The three-star hotel is located at the foot of the Sinite Kamani locality in Sliven and its guests may enjoy beautiful views of the mountain and the town. Hotel Mechta offers modern comfort and accommodation conditions, unobtrusive attendance, informal and cozy atmosphere, quality additional services.

The guests of Hotel Mechta may choose from eleven double rooms and two apartments, which feature contemporary and functional interiors, various amenities, comfortable furnishing.

On two levels at Hotel Mechta is located a spacious bistrot with lively ambiance. On the first level the visitors of the complex may taste a large choice of delicious dishes, while on the second they may have a cup of fragrant coffee or another hot or cold drink of their choice together with a wonderful view of the Sinite Kamani. The bistrot has 80 seats.

The petrol station of Complex Mechta has the latest equipment and offers diesel, petrol and gas as well as various auto accessories.
Double Room
Hotel Mechta offers 11 double rooms, which may be provided with one double or two single beds. Every room is equipped with a TV set with cable television, telephone, internet connection, private bathroom either with a bath tub or shower cabin, central air conditioning.
The apartments offered by Hotel Mechta are two and each consists of a bedroom and a living room with a sitting corner. Their facilities include a TV set with cable television, telephone, internet connection, central air conditioning, private bathroom with a bath tub and a shower cabin.
Sliven is a picturesque town located at the foothills of the Sliven mountain a.k.a. Karandila, with which starts Eastern Stara Planina. The town's region has been inhabited since the New Stone Age and has a rich history. Since the time of the Bulgarian Liberation Sliven is also known as the Town of the 100 Chieftans, because it is the birthplace of plenty of Bulgarian men who have dedicated their lives to the Bulgarian Liberation. Among the main landmarks of Sliven are the Sinite Kamani locality, the house-museums of Hadji Dimitar and Dobri Chintulov, the Historic Museum, the National Museum of the Textile Industry. In Sliven is kept an exceptonally old book. It is 410 years of age and is printed during the time of the Turkish slavery 141 years after the print of the Gutenberg Bible. Sliven also has several beautiful churches dating back to the 19th century.
Hotel Mechta is situated in the eastern area of Sliven at the foot of the Sinite Kamani locality. Sliven is located 113 km west of Bourgas and 319 km east of Sofia.
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St Sophia Church
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Approximate distance: 1.7 km, direction: west
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