Guest House Breza

Guest House Breza

Stara Zagora province, Kazanlak municipality, Srednogorovo
+359 898 580122, +359 887 486116
Guest House Breza

Guest House Breza is a wonderful place for a nice vacation in peace and quiet. It is located in the village of Srednogorovo only 12 km from Kazanlak and offers wonderful accommodation conditions. Here every guest will feel at home and will definitely enjoy the cozy and clean rooms, the warm hospitality, the lush in greenery garden, the clean air and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Guest House Breza is suitable for nice vacations with the family as well as for groups of friends.

Guest House Breza is a beautiful two-storey house with a large picturesque garden. On every floor of the house are provided one twin and one triple room, which share a bath on the floor. There are a total of twelve beds but four additional folding beds may be provided to reach the maximum capacity of the house of sixteen beds.

Guest House Breza provides to all of its guests a large dining hall with tables and benches, which may seat 20-25 people. It also has a completely equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, grill, toaster, coffee machine. The visitors of Guest House Breza have the possibility to cater for themselves. Upon prior arrangement the delightful hosts may provide home cooked meals.

The house garden is a wonderful place for rest and entertainment in the outdoors. During the hot months are provided two pools. The large one is suitable for adults and the small one is for children. The guests may rest in the shade of the fascinating vine or in the coolness of one of the two house terraces. A small barbecue is also provided.
Twin Room
There are two cozy twin rooms available in Guest House Breza. One is on the first floor and the other one is on the second. They are beautifully furnished and have private bathroom facilities.
Qudruple Room
The quadruple rooms of the house are also two. They are larger and have the same furnishing as the twin rooms only with two beds more. All rooms feature private bathrooms.
The region has wonderful walking trails and all visitors are welcomed to bring their bicycles. Because this area is know for being the Valley of the Roses there are numerous festivities throughout the year related to the rose and the local folklore. This region is also rich in ancient Thracian settlements and their remnants are quite fascinating and interesting to see. At 3 km from Srednogorovo is located the Sinyata Reka Dam and at 15 km is situated the Koprinka Dam. Both dams provide excellent conditions for fishing.
The village of Srednogorovo is located in the central part of the Sredna Gora mountain, 12 km from Kazanlak, 45 km from Stara Zagora, 90 km from Tryavna, 100 km from Plovdiv and 200 km from Sofia.
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room type number rates
 Twin Room 2 20.00 - 30.00 lv.
 Qudruple Room 2 60.00 lv.
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