Villa Marishnitsa

Villa Marishnitsa


Lovech province, Apriltsi municipality, 5641 Apriltsi, Ostrets, 37 Helevska Street
+359 6958 3335, +359 888 725984
Villa Marishnitsa

Lovers of nature and long walking tours must have already visited Apriltsi or at least they must have planned to visit this piece of paradise on earth. In Apriltsi visitors will enjoy the unspoilt nature surrounding them like no where else. Villa Marishnitsa is a perfect spot for a well-deserved rest or for the start of a walking tour around the region. The villa guests will soon discover to be surrounded by blissful silence and peacefulness, home-like ambiance and warm hospitality.

The amiable hosts of the house will make every guest feel at home and will leave warm memories. Villa Marishnitsa is open throughout the whole year and is easily accessible despite the season. The road from Apriltsi to the turn for the Marishnitsa hamlet is wide and asphalt-paved. From there to the villa there are three kilometers of well-maintained road. It is passable by an ordinary automobile both in winter and summer. Once arrived guests will be amazed by the silence and the freshness that will surround them.

Villa Marishnitsa has four double guest rooms. They are spacious, bright and simply furnished. During the summer guests may use one of the two summer kitchens in the huge garden. They are equipped with everything needed for quality self-contained cooking - fridge, oven, pots and pans, kitchen utensils and they also have a hearth. In one of the summer kitchens there is a TV set. During the winter guests may use the cozy and warm winter kitchen.

The lovely hostess will treat her guests to home-cooked pancakes, banitsa and anything they want. All dishes are prepared with locally produced milk, eggs and vegetables from the garden. Villa Marishnitsa is suitable for families with children. For the kids there are three swings and a hammock in the garden, which is large enough to provide parking space for cars as well.
Double Room
The house offers four double rooms located on its second floor. The rooms are very clean and furnished with the basics - two big beds and wardrobe. There are two separate bathrooms with WC - one for each couple of rooms. There are water heaters in the bathrooms and the guests can use the washing machine of the house.
Several of the most used walking trails are: Marishnitsa - WEC Vidima, Marishnitsa - BUnara - Maragidik peak, Marishnitsa - Popovite livadi - Game reserve, Marishnitsa - Hut Pleven - Botev peak - Hut Paradise - Kalofer.
Villa Marishnitsa is located in the Ostrets quarter of the town of Apriltsi, at the foot of the Maragidik peak close to the river Marishnitsa.
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