Hotels in Vratsa, attractions. Vvillas, huts and guest houses in the Vratsa Balkan.

Vratsa is a regional town in Northwestern Bulgaria, about 112 km from Sofia, situated at the foot of the Vratsa Mountain. Its old name was Vratsata that comes from a beautiful rocky gorge, whose cliffs are the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. An inscription from the 13th century was found in the area of Gradishteto, near the gorge, where the name Vratitsa was mentioned for the first time. There has been a human presence here since ancient times (6000 BC), as evidenced by the largest Thracian treasure ever discovered - the Rogozen treasure. It is even assumed that this was the capital of the Thracian tribe of tribali. The town guests may see the treasure, exhibited in the Regional History Museum. It weighs more than 20 kg, consisting of 165 pitchers, phials and cups of silver gilt. The tombs from the Mogilanska mound in the centre of Vratsa are another significant archaeological discovery. The items found in the mound are also exhibited in the museum. The oldest skeleton, found in Bulgaria is there, too. It is around 7800 years old. The Art Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum may be visited in Vratsa. The latter includes revival houses and a school church. The town is the only one in Bulgaria having two medieval towers - the Kurtpashova Tower and the Tower of Meshchiite, which in the 19th century was rebuilt as a town clock. Landmarks are not missing in the vicinity of Vratsa, too. The Vrachansi Balkan National Park is the second largest park and it is one of the richest regions of caves in Bulgaria. A lot of tourist routes and eco-trails pass through its territory. One of the most visited caves is Ledenika, 320 metres long with 10 halls. The most beautiful halls are the Wishes Lake and the Passage of Sinners. There are beautiful lawns and picnic areas in front of the cave. The visitors are also able to make a horseback trip. The Vratsata Pass is a favourite spot for climbers and tourists, as there are about 70 climbing routes in its region, varying by difficulty category. Other attractions in the vicinity of Vratsa are the Skaklya WaterFalls, the Bozhyat Most Bridge, the Vestitelya Complex, called also Hizhata, and the Ivan Pusti Monastery. The town offers other attractions for its visitors, too. The Entertainment Complex of Srednovekovie offers riding of thoroughbred horses or ponies for the children. There are facilities for bowling, mini golf, archery bows and air rifles in the Amusement Pak of Prikazkata. Horse riding and driving a cart are also offered, there, as well as paintball, wall climbing, bungee, etc. In the winter the ski centre of Parshevitsa offers good conditions for skiing. There are many business hotels in Vratsa suitable for those visitors to the town seeking the highest standard of service and comforts. Of course, there are family and budget hotels in Vratsa, as well as guest houses, apartments. There are many cottages, holiday homes and hotels in the Vratsa Balkan as well.
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Family Hotel ZoraFamily Hotel Zora 
Address: 129 Vtori Yuni Blvd.
Phone: +359 92 623231, +359 888 922621
Website: http://www.hotelzora.eu
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Family Hotel Zora in Vratsa impresses with modern flair and professionalism. The two-star hotel offers to its guests a variety of accommodation options, first-class attendance and large choice of high quality additional services. Family Hotel Zora is equally close to the town center of Vratsa and the Balkan. Therefore besides enjoying the largest in town constant exhibition displayed at the hotel lobby, its guests may also enjoy magnificent views of the Stara Planina mountain.
Guest House LedenikaGuest House Ledenika 
Address: next to the Ledenika cave
Phone: +359 92 620413, +359 888 792279, +359 896 766144
Website: http://www.hotel-ledenika.com
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Located 200 meters from the Ledenika cave and 9 km from the Parshevitsa ski center in a magnificent region of the Vratsa Balkan, Guest House Ledenika is open year-round and offers wonderful conditions for holidays close to nature at affordable rates. The visitors of this mountain hotel will enjoy various opportunities for outdoor activities in any season coupled with good accommodation conditions, excellent cuisine and service.
Hotel KiparisHotel Kiparis 
Address: Natural Park Vrachanski Balkan
Phone: +359 92 660900
Website: http://www.hotel-kiparis.eu
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Hotel Kiparis is a newly built three-star hotels with unique location amidst the magnificent unspoilt nature of the Vrachanski Balkan with splendid views of the mountain. At the same time the convenient situation of the hotel close to the city of Vratsa makes it a suitable place for short weekend breaks and organizing business or family related events. Hotel Kiparis offers excellent conditions for mountain and ski tourism. It is open during the whole year regardless of the season.
Hotels near Vratsa
Guest House JuliaGuest House Julia 
Location: Vratsa municipality, Pavolche
Address: 6 Vejen Street
Approximate distance: 6.9 km, direction: south-east
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Guest House GarataGuest House Garata 
Location: Varshets municipality, 3540 Varshets
Address: 19 Stefan Stambolov Street, entrance A
Approximate distance: 21.0 km, direction: west
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Places of interest and sights in and nearVratsa
Meshchiite Tower
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.2 km, direction: south-west
St Apostles Cathedral
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.2 km, direction: north-west
Ethnographic and Revival Complex
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.3 km, direction: south-east
Drama and Puppet Theater
Address: Center, Hristo Botev Square
Approximate distance: 0.3 km, direction: south-west
Kurtpashova Tower
Address: Center, 1 Hristo Botev Square
Approximate distance: 0.3 km, direction: south
St St Constantine and Elena Church
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south-west
Regional Museum of History
Address: Center, 2 Hristo Botev Square
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south
Archaelogical Park Mogilanska Mogila
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south-east
St Nikolay Church
Address: Center
Approximate distance: 0.4 km, direction: south
Complex Vestitelyat
Approximate distance: 0.7 km, direction: south
Vratsata Gorge
Approximate distance: 2.0 km, direction: south-west
Skaklya Waterfall
Approximate distance: 2.4 km, direction: south
Vratsa Monastery St Holy Trinity
Address: Industrial Zone East
Approximate distance: 3.6 km, direction: south-east
Ledenika Cave
Address: Bistrets, Vratsa Balkan
Approximate distance: 4.5 km, direction: west
Okolchitsa Peak
Address: Vratsa Balkan
Approximate distance: 6.2 km, direction: south-east
Borov Kamak Waterfall
Approximate distance: 6.8 km, direction: south-west
Bistrets Monastery St Ivan of Rila
Address: Bistrets
Approximate distance: 8.0 km, direction: north-west
House Museum Baba Iliytsa
Approximate distance: 9.4 km, direction: south-east
Matnishki Monastery St Nicholas
Approximate distance: 11.4 km, direction: north-west
Rock Phenomenon Ritlite and Koritengrad Fortress
Address: above Lyutibrod Village
Approximate distance: 11.9 km, direction: south-east
Other locations nearVratsa
Vratsa province, Vratsa municipality
Approximate distance: 3.8 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 225°)
Vratsa province, Vratsa municipality
Approximate distance: 6.9 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 141°)
Vratsa province, Vratsa municipality
Approximate distance: 9.3 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 148°)
Beli Izvor
Vratsa province, Vratsa municipality
Approximate distance: 10.9 km, direction: north-west (azimuth: 317°)
Vratsa province, Mezdra municipality
Approximate distance: 12.4 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 208°)
Vratsa province, Mezdra municipality
Approximate distance: 12.7 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 149°)
Vratsa province, Vratsa municipality
Approximate distance: 13.4 km, direction: north (azimuth: 351°)
Vratsa province, Mezdra municipality
Approximate distance: 13.5 km, direction: south (azimuth: 176°)
Vratsa province, Vratsa municipality
Approximate distance: 14.3 km, direction: north (azimuth: 10°)
Vratsa province, Mezdra municipality
Approximate distance: 14.5 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 117°)
Vratsa province, Krivodol municipality
Approximate distance: 19.5 km, direction: north (azimuth: 344°)