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Information about hotels in Tsigov chark, guest houses, villas, houses for rent, family hotels, hotels near reservoirs suitable for fishing tourism and water sports. Every hotel is presented with a detailed description of its facilities and services, the types of rooms and apartments it offers as well as current rates, special offers and discounts. Information about direct contact with every hotel in Tsigov chark, guest house and apartment - contact forms and reservations, telephones, official websites. Addresses and exact location maps of the hotels in Tsigov chark. Fishing tourism in Tsigov chark. Detailed information about Bungalows Villa and Tavern Karolina, Family Hotel Kalvachevi, Holiday Village Uyut and Hotel Aida.
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Holiday Village UyutHoliday Village Uyut 
Address: Batak Dam
Phone: +359 889 873289
Website: http://www.uiut-cigov-chark.hit.bg
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Holiday Village Uyut is the ideal vacation complex for every guest who is looking for some peace and quiet whole enjoying magnificent surrounding nature. Here the laid back and casual ambiance coupled with various amenities is a guarantee for pleasant emotions and an unforgettable stay. Holiday Village Uyut is located amidst a cool pine-tree forest in the resort complex Tsigov Chark on the banks of the Batak dam and offers very good opportunities for complete rest and recreation despite the season.
Family Hotel KalvacheviFamily Hotel Kalvachevi 
Address: Batak Reservoir
Phone: +359 887 969947, +359 889 909229
Website: http://www.hotelkalvachevi.com
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Family Hotel Kalvachevi is a picturesque guest house in Tsigov Chark, located amidst a lovely fores tin the center of the resort close to the Batak reservoir. This cosy family hotel in Tsigov Chark is a perfect choice for vacations of families with children and organized groups. Here every guest may indulge in complete rest surrounded by amazingly beautiful nature, while enjoying various facilities, home-like coziness, warm hospitality and magnificent views of the Batak reservoir.
Hotel AidaHotel Aida 
Address: Batak Dam
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Warm hospitality, responsiveness and impeccable attendance await the guests of Hotel Aida in Tsigov Chark. Located picturesquely 100 meters from the Batak dam in the lovely Rhodope resort, the three-star Hotel Aida offers to its guests first-class accommodation conditions, excellent cuisine, plenty of opportunities for recreation and sports, numerous high-quality additional services, which guarantee unforgettable rest even to the most discerning guests of Hotel Aida.
Bungalows Villa and Tavern KarolinaBungalows Villa and Tavern Karolina 
Address: Batak Dam
Phone: +359 889 576691, +359 888 124767
Website: http://www.mehana-karolina.com
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Bungalows, Villa and Tavern Karolina is a nice vacation complex located in the center of the Tsigov Chark resort. The complex accepts guests throughout the whole year and provides wonderful opportunities for family vacations and stays for groups of friends. Tsigov Chark is one of the most famous mountain resorts in the Rhodope region and is regularly visited by thousands of tourists, who appreciate the unspoilt nature and love the different outdoor activities and entertainment.
Hotels near Tsigov chark
Hotel The BodyHotel The Body 
Location: Batak municipality, Batak Reservoir
Address: Danoto Locality
Approximate distance: 7.6 km, direction: north-east
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Eco Village RuminikaEco Village Ruminika 
Location: Batak municipality, 4641 Batak Reservoir
Address: Dorkovo Village
Approximate distance: 11.0 km, direction: north
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Spa Hotel KleptuzaSpa Hotel Kleptuza 
Location: Velingrad municipality, Velingrad
Address: Chepino, 46 Dimitar Blagoev Street
Approximate distance: 15.0 km, direction: west
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Hotel Royal Spa VelingradHotel Royal Spa Velingrad 
Location: Velingrad municipality, 4600 Velingrad
Address: Chepino, 3 Tsar Samuil Street
Approximate distance: 15.2 km, direction: north-west
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Sveti Spas SPA HotelSveti Spas SPA Hotel 
Location: Velingrad municipality, 4600 Velingrad
Address: 97 Nikola Vaptsarov Street
Approximate distance: 15.3 km, direction: west
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SPA Club BorSPA Club Bor 
Location: Velingrad municipality, 4600 Velingrad
Address: 9 Nikolay Hrelkov Street
Approximate distance: 15.4 km, direction: north-west
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Places of interest and sights in and nearTsigov chark
Medieval Fortress Koileto
Approximate distance: 2.5 km, direction: north
Medieval Fortress Pelevata Tower
Approximate distance: 3.5 km, direction: north-west
Mantaritsa Reserve
Approximate distance: 4.1 km, direction: west
Balinova House
Approximate distance: 5.8 km, direction: east
Church-Ossuary St Nedelya
Approximate distance: 5.8 km, direction: east
Museum of History
Address: 3 Osvobojdenie Square
Approximate distance: 5.8 km, direction: east
Sharova House
Approximate distance: 5.9 km, direction: east
Thracian Fortress and Sanctuary Pashino Bardo
Approximate distance: 6.1 km, direction: west
Medieval Fortress Kulata-Gradot
Approximate distance: 7.2 km, direction: west
Lepenitsa Cave
Approximate distance: 11.5 km, direction: west
Snejanka Cave
Approximate distance: 11.9 km, direction: north-east
Atoluka Reserve
Approximate distance: 12.0 km, direction: east
Other locations nearTsigov chark
Batak Reservoir
Pazardjik province, Batak municipality
Approximate distance: 3.4 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 62°)
Pazardjik province, Batak municipality
Approximate distance: 5.8 km, direction: east (azimuth: 105°)
Pazardjik province, Rakitovo municipality
Approximate distance: 6.3 km, direction: north-west (azimuth: 307°)
Saint Constantine
Pazardjik province, Peshtera municipality
Approximate distance: 9.6 km, direction: north-east (azimuth: 40°)
Pazardjik province, Rakitovo municipality
Approximate distance: 10.0 km, direction: north (azimuth: 351°)
Pazardjik province, Batak municipality
Approximate distance: 13.2 km, direction: south (azimuth: 188°)