Lukovit hotels, accommodation. Attractions and tourism in Geo-park Iskar-Panega.

Lukovit is a small town, crossed by the Zlatna Panega River and it is located where the Danube Plain ends and where the Fore-Balkans start. Pleven is only 50 km from Lukovit, Lovech - 68 km and Sofia - 110 km. Historically Lukovit is a really ancient settlement, as evidenced by the artifacts dating to the 3-2 millennium BC. Traces of life of one of the first Homo sapience who lived on the planet were found in the Temntata Dupka Cave, next to Lukovit. The greatest wealth of Lukovit, however, is its unique nature. It is not only the Zlatna Panega River that goes through the territory of the town, but also the rivers of Iskar and Vit. They form the only geo-park in Bulgaria - "Iskar - Panega" which includes the Karlukovo Karst Complex, as well as the Roadside Landscape Park of "Panega" and many geological and geomorphological sites. The Geo-park is located next to the main road E-83 and Lukovit. Here one may see the unique rock formations of Kuklite, located in beautiful canyon at the Zlatna Panega River and the Prohodna Cave suitable for walking. It is the longest cave tunnel in Bulgaria and is naturally lit by the two slits in the ceiling, called "The Eyes of God". There are gazebos and barbecue areas and excellent conditions for nature tourism on the territory of the park. There is bungee jumping from the entrance and an alpine descending from the "eyes" of the cave, as well as rafting and boating on the river, mountain biking, paintball, off road and rock climbing. Other landmarks are the Kotlen Circus, the Loose Rocks of Daima, the Laguna with circular swamp, skit-recesses of Igluto, Largoto, Tepavitsata, Longoza, Rila Myaso and Lozeto, the rock figures of the Radetski Ship, Nosat, Delvata, etc. There are 240 caves studied in the region, including both rock phenomena of Provertenika and Strupanets. Natural beauty and tourism interests are a prerequisite for the construction of two eco-trails - the mountain trail of "Koncheto" and the hiking trail of "Pogledets". The Karst valley is the most beautiful and available in late spring. Lukovit hotels are generally two, offering perfect accommodation to meet every taste and budget.
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Hotel Diplomat PlazaHotel Diplomat Plaza 
Address: 2 Dimitar Talev Street
Phone: +359 697 55087, +359 885 205252
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Sophisticated and modern Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort will impress even the guests with the most refined tastes. The key location of the hotel in the center of Lukovit, only an hour away from Sofia, by car, the first-class services, the professionalism and most of all - the conceptual interior are truly remarkable. Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort is the first themed four-star hotel in Bulgaria and offers superb conditions for rest and recreation, sports and wellness as well as congress tourism in an ecologically clean environment in close proximity to the enchanting gorge of the river Iskar.
Hotel Diplomat ParkHotel Diplomat Park 
Address: 37 Hristo Botev Street
Phone: +359 697 54090, +359 889 133313
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Hotel Diplomat Park is one of the preferred hotels in Lukovit for everyone, who is looking fo a convenient home base for adventure, eco and cultural-historic tourism in the area of the town and Geopark Iskar-Panega. Here every guest will discover modern day amenities at affordable rates for accommodation, quality cuisine and professional service coupled with a great variety of opportunities not only for active sports and entertainment, but also for hosting various business events, including team building functions.
Hotels near Lukovit
Sharenite Kashti near YablanitsaSharenite Kashti near Yablanitsa 
Location: Yablanitsa municipality, Yablanitsa
Approximate distance: 22.2 km, direction: south
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Family Hotel Gorska FeyaFamily Hotel Gorska Feya 
Location: Roman municipality, 3130 Karash
Approximate distance: 23.5 km, direction: south-west
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Places of interest and sights in and nearLukovit
Geopark Iskar Panega
Approximate distance: 2.5 km, direction: south-west
Strupanitsa Landslip
Approximate distance: 7.5 km, direction: west
National Cave House
Address: Kaleto Locality
Approximate distance: 8.0 km, direction: west
Prohodna Cave
Approximate distance: 8.0 km, direction: south-west
Rock Tower Provartenika
Approximate distance: 8.3 km, direction: west
Samuilitsa Cave
Approximate distance: 13.2 km, direction: west
Rock Formation Kuklite
Approximate distance: 13.9 km, direction: west
Trulensis Fortress
Approximate distance: 13.9 km, direction: west
Church St Nikolay
Approximate distance: 13.9 km, direction: west
Saeva Dupka Cave
Address: Lednishki Rid Locality
Approximate distance: 17.8 km, direction: south
Nauka Community Center
Approximate distance: 20.8 km, direction: south
Dolna Beshovitsa Monastery St Archangel Michael
Approximate distance: 23.6 km, direction: west
Other locations nearLukovit
Lovech province, Lukovit municipality
Approximate distance: 9.0 km, direction: south-west (azimuth: 240°)
Cherven Bryag
Pleven province, Cherven Bryag municipality
Approximate distance: 10.6 km, direction: north-west (azimuth: 323°)
Pleven province, Cherven Bryag municipality
Approximate distance: 11.1 km, direction: west (azimuth: 292°)
Lovech province, Lukovit municipality
Approximate distance: 11.4 km, direction: south-east (azimuth: 122°)
Zlatna Panega
Lovech province, Yablanitsa municipality
Approximate distance: 12.7 km, direction: south (azimuth: 185°)
Golyama Brestnitsa
Lovech province, Yablanitsa municipality
Approximate distance: 12.8 km, direction: south (azimuth: 167°)