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The beautiful village of Karash is situated 40 km away from Vratsa, at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, below the heights of Koylovitsa and Chuklata, on the right bank of the Malak Iskar River. During the time of the National Liberation struggles in the village there was a revolutionary committee and it was often visited by Vasil Levski. The house, where he used to stay, is gone now, but there is a commemorating sign. Near Karash one may see the remains of the medieval fortress of Krivgrad, where there were discovered Roman and Byzantine coins, carved stones, monuments, nave basilica with small objects and altars dedicated to Hera and the Olympic gods and so on. The fortress used to guard the road running past it. The picturesque location in the mountain, the valley of the Malak Iskar and the cultural heritage make Karash an interesting tourist site. A part of the heritage of the village is the church of St. Nicholas, whose white steeple is visible from afar. It was built after a decree of Sultan Abdul Azis and it was consecrated in 1863, and its bell was cast in the village. The icons, fine stairs and curtains paid in gold are of great artistic value. In recent years eco and rural tourism has been developed in the village and several guest houses in Karash and chalets offer accommodation to visitors not only the country, but also from abroad. Here one may enjoy the authentic rural life, pick fruits and vegetables directly from the garden of a house, learn to cook local dishes, learn the beekeeping trade and try honey just removed from the comb, oversee the production process of cheese, milk a goat or cow, etc. There is an opportunity for the tourists to have walks along the eco-trail that runs along the river and reaches the hut of Gorskata Feya where there is a beautiful view and then continues to the Chekotinski Monastery of St. Archangel Michael. Other attractions and recreation activities include cycling, volleyball, table tennis, the area is rich in herbs and mushrooms; fishing can be practised in the river, as there is some barbel, catfish, carp and taranka. Nearby is also the dam in the village of Kurnovo. Toursits wishing to stay here may choose from several mountain huts and villas, guest houses and family hotels in Karash.
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Family Hotel Gorska FeyaFamily Hotel Gorska Feya 
Phone: +359 9109 2224, +359 887 193969
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Family Hotel Gorska Feya is picturesquely located near the village Karash on the banks of the river Malak Iskar. It is an excellent choice for a romantic weekend in the mountain, a holiday with friends or the family. At any time of the year the guests of this family hotel near Karash will enjoy splendidly beautiful and unspoilt nature, unbeatable peace and quietness, various opportunities for active entertainment and sports as well as good conditions for accommodation at affordable rates.
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Samuilitsa Cave
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Chekotinski Monastery St Archangel Michael
Approximate distance: 12.6 km, direction: south
Dragoitsa Mountain and the Okaptsite and Garvanche Localities
Approximate distance: 13.5 km, direction: south-east
Prohodna Cave
Approximate distance: 15.4 km, direction: north-east
National Cave House
Address: Kaleto Locality
Approximate distance: 15.6 km, direction: north-east
Skravena Monastery Transfiguration of Christ
Approximate distance: 16.3 km, direction: south-west
Rock Formation Kuklite
Approximate distance: 16.4 km, direction: north-east
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