Hotel Ravnogor

Hotel Ravnogor


Pazardjik province, Bratsigovo municipality, 4582 Ravnogor, Seven Street, Quarter 40
+359 878 878844, +359 878 142926
Hotel Ravnogor

Hotel Ravnogor is located in the picturesque village of the same name, located in the Batak range of the Rhodope mountains. Often defined as the "Green paradise of the Rhodope mountains", the area around the village is one of the most ecologically clean areas in Bulgaria and is a perfect setting for eco, rural and mountain tourism at any time of the year. The hotel is suitable for everyone, who wishes to escape from the hectic daily routine in the city and enjoy a tranquil and cosy place for complete relaxation close to nature.

Hotel Ravnogor is open year round and accommodates its guests in 24 double rooms and 3 apartments, located on three of the four floors of the building. The rooms and apartments are modernly and functionally appointed, which have everything needed for a enjoyable stay. Their interior is designed in warm and light colors created a sense of cosiness and peacefulness. The hotel is suitable for accommodating individual travellers, couples, families with children and organized groups.

Hotel Ravnogor features an airy and bright restaurant with 70 seats. Its cosy ambiance is nicely complemented by the two fireplaces and fans of traditional Bulgarian cuisine will enjoy delicious and skilfully cooked specialties with fresh local produce. The restaurant is often preferred for family celebrations, gatherings with friends, company parties and other similar functions.
Double Room
Hotel Ravnogor offers accommodation in 24 double rooms, furnished with two single beds or one double. Each one of them is fitted with a TV set with cable television, refrigerator, central heating, terrace with beautiful view, en-suite bathroom with shower.
This hotel in Ravnogor also provides 3 apartments, which offer more space and comfort. Each one of them consists of a bedroom and a living room with a set of sofas and a fireplace. Their additional amenities include a TV set with cable television, heating, refrigerator, terrace with a beautiful view, en-suite bathroom with shower and tub.
The area around Ravnogor is a perfect eco tourism along marked routes, which lead to the nearby peaks of St Elena, St Nedelya and St Iliya (2 km on foot), from where are revealed stunning views. The hotel's team organizes visits of the Atoluka reserve (4 km on foot), the largest Thracian domed mound in Bulgaria (2 km on foot) and tours around Ravnogor with horse cart. Guests may also visit the Fotino waterfall, the Dupkata reserve. The proximity of many interesting places allows the organization of one-day trips to Brestovitsa and tasting its famous wine, Batak, Bachkovo, Koprivshtitsa, etc. The area offers wonderful conditions for fishing in the Batak Dam and the Vacha Reservoir, hunting in the hunting reserve of Fotin, Nova Mahala. In the winter Ravnogor also provides skiing facilities.
Hotel Ravnogor is located in the center of the village of the same name in the Bratsigovo municipality of the Pazardjik district. The village of Ravnogor is located 16 km from Bratsigovo and 22 km from Peshtera, 27 km from Batak and 35 km from Tsigov Chark.
Nearby sights, places of interest, tourist attractions
Protected Area Vinishte
Approximate distance: 0.7 km, direction: north
Ravnogor Thracian Mounds
Approximate distance: 3.4 km, direction: south
Atoluka Reserve
Approximate distance: 6.9 km, direction: north-west
Vatrahokastron Fortress
Approximate distance: 7.5 km, direction: north
Petleshkov House
Address: 5 Danail Dimenov Street
Approximate distance: 7.8 km, direction: north
Kaneva House
Address: 10 Kostur Street
Approximate distance: 7.8 km, direction: north
Ethnographoc Complex Popova House
Address: 4 Kostur Square
Approximate distance: 7.8 km, direction: north
Museum of History
Approximate distance: 7.8 km, direction: north
St John The Precursor Church
Approximate distance: 8.0 km, direction: north
Kupena Reserve
Approximate distance: 8.0 km, direction: north-west
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