Complex Arda

Complex Arda


Kardjali province, Kardjali municipality, Studen Kladenets Reservoir, near Dolno Cherkovishte Village
+359 884 101001
Complex Arda

Complex Arda near Studen Kladenets Reservoir is a perfect choice for everyone, who is looking for tranquility, comfort and closeness to nature. Located on the banks of the river Arda, this hotel near Studen Kladenets Reservoir offers excellent conditions for holidays and is suitable for individual tourists and families with children as well as for organized groups. Here every guest of Complex Arda will enjoy cosiness, comfort and warm hospitality coupled with uniquely beautiful nature.

Complex Arda offers accommodation in 8 double and triple rooms and 8 entirely private apartments. All of them are bright, comfortably and functionally appointed with all modern day amenities needed for an enjoyable stay. The rooms are located in the main hotel building, while the apartments are allotted by pairs in four separate houses. Every apartments has a private entrance. For the guests are also provided a sauna and a gym.

Complex Arda near Studen Kladenets Reservoir will tempt the connoisseurs of quality cuisine with its spacious and stylish restaurant. Its capacity is 64 seats in the main hall on two levels and 70 seats in the summer garden. The rich menu of the restaurant includes an excellent wine list, Bulgarian and imported alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, specialties with freshly drought fish, barbecue specialties and dishes from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine.
Guest Rooms
Complex Arda offer 8 double and triple rooms, furnished with one double bed and one double and a single bed, respectively. The facilities in every room include a TV set, DVD player, air conditioner, refrigerator and en-suite bathroom with shower.
This hotel near Studen Kladenets Reservoir also features 8 entirely private apartments. Each consists of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room with a set of sofas. The apartment amenities include a TV set in every room, DVD player, air conditioner, refrigerator and en-suite bathroom with shower.
The strategic location of this hotel near Studen Kladenets Reservoir makes it a convenient home base for tourism in the area. The reservoir and river Arda offer splendid opportunities for water sports (rafting, water cycling, boat rowing), fishing and bird watching or rare species eagles and vultures, black storks, etc. Some of the most famous natural attractions near Studen Kladenets Reservoir is the gorge Dyavolski most on the river Arda, the Abrasive Wells, the protected area the Big Scree and the natural reserve Valchi Dol. Next to the reservoir is located the game reserve Studen Kladenets, which is highly sought after by hunters.
Complex Arda is located on the banks of the river Arda, 12-13 km from Studen Kladenets Reservoir and in near proximity to the village Dolno Cherkovishte, municipality of Haskovo.
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