Beautiful Bulgaria

The autumn has its charm, especially in Bulgaria. The red of the maple, the green of the pine and the yellow of the linden tree intertwine in a magical kaleidoskope of colors and forms, which capture the imagination. With their picturesqueness and soft scent, the gifts of autumn bring joy everywhere - in the city, in the countryside, in the mountain and at the sea. The season is exceptionally suitable for practicing several kinds of tourism, which are a bit overlooked durig the peak periods in the winter and the summer. The autumn time is favorable for cultural tourism, for visiting the impressive monasteries and historic complexes in Bulgaria. The warm autumn days provide the last opportunities for walking tours in the mountains before the winter grips them in its snowy embrace, and the choice of enchantingly beautiful places to do that is truly overwhelming. Very often the first autumn days are still suitable for a sea vacation especially at the south Bulgarian Balck Sea coast. However, the wine tours are the most emblematic things to do during the autumn. This is the time when conoisseurs of quality grapes and wine may enjoy them in full and perhaps combine them with a relaxing spa vacation in one of the wonderful Bulgarian spa resorts.
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Family Hotel JokerFamily Hotel Joker 
Address: Lozenets, 2 Kraybrejna Street
Phone: +359 884 271006
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Family Hotel KalistriniFamily Hotel Kalistrini 
Address: Bansko, 4 Macedonia Sqare
Phone: +359 749 88548, +359 898 608688
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